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2017 Organized

Getting organized and focused in 2017

As December whips by us in the midst of holidays sales, you may want to consider setting some time aside to get ready for the New Year. I’m optimistic that 2017 will be a great year, and if you share my optimism, why not get off to a good start? Take a look below at some helpful tips to make sure you start on the proper foot:

1. Inventory
Make a listing of all inventory. It’s a good plan to compile a spreadsheet complete with costs and dates so nothing falls through the cracks. Collecting all this data also will help tremendously once tax season comes around.

2. Sales
Once all of your inventory is in one easy-to-view spreadsheet, take a look at which of the items you may have overlooked. Think about revising descriptions, retaking pictures, changing categories, titles or running a sale. If you aren’t quite able to do these items before the end of the year, create a game plan to assist you to accomplish this in the first quarter of the coming year.

3. Network
There are several on-line groups which will support questions relating to your niche store whether or not it's a specific problem or an unidentifiable find. Be a part of one or more! Let’s face it, we love what we do however typically our families and friends might not respect the difficulties we tend to encounter on a routine day. Sharing in a web group may also relieve loneliness and stress. There are social media sharing groups specializing in marketing your listings. Not only is this type of networking fun, it’s effective. Check out: 

4. Time Management
It’s vital to prioritize what you would like to try to do each day, each month and each quarter. Allocate time to every one of your priorities and modify them as necessary. Your time is your own. You're accountable for making the most out of it. Make certain to balance work, play and family.

5. Set Goals
Think ahead to this time NEXT year. What do you wish your business to look like? What do you wish your life to look like? Answer these questions now to make sure that you can achieve your goals in 2017. 

Dream big and do the footwork to become a success!

Happy Holidays to all of my customers and best wishes for the new year!


Roger Keyserling

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