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More Than Just Shopping!




by Roger Keyserling






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About My Apps

Here at Keywebco, we are all about pushing fantastic products and making the buying and selling process easier for everyone. The apps I have created will certainly come in handy for you! They are all free to download on the App Store or Google Play store, and they are very easy to navigate. This quick article will explain each one.

The App

With the Keywebco app, you can access a multitude of tools for buying and selling online. Everything is conveniently located within the app and it features a ton of dragon deals just for app users.

Some of the tools and features this app provides include:

• Daily Edition Newspaper

• Social Media Sites

• Stores

• Tips and other Apps

The eBay Fans App

This eBay app will allow you to access multiple features of eBay directly from your mobile phone. I’ve included extras like community event notifications, the resolution center, returns assistance, eBay Tips, and easy access to the Keywebco eBay store where you can find a variety of products. You can also read my blog posts directly from the app!

It’s filled with all sorts of features and I update it periodically. I definitely suggest downloading it if you are an eBay enthusiast like myself!

The SoldsNetwork App

This group app is exclusive to group members. It’s a bonus for being a part of our exclusive group and allows you to shop at the stores of other members. This is a fantastic way to get in touch with your fellow storeowners and find fantastic products! Each store offers a range of items that are high-quality and quick to ship.

Some of my personal favorite stores include Store We Started With a Mouse for Top of the line vintage items and Sunny Day Deals for Clothing!. It goes with out saying Keywebco for everyday New items.

I suggest joining our groups #Soldsnetwork Group and Video eCom, getting this app, and starting your own store marketing. It’s a fantastic way to begin marketing your items for no extra cost! The Groups business page 

Another Group for Any Type Post you wan to share and grow is Strategy eCom Success

The Keywebco eBay Store

This is my store in Departments for easy Shopping

All Keywebco Apps

Our cloud works on any device, even PCs and laptops! This app is the cornerstone of Keywebco and allows you to visit all the Keywebco stores directly from the app! This makes them easy to locate and easy to access. I made this app because I wanted to make my stores more visible to my customers and stand out from the crowd. With this custom built app, I improved my brand recognition and was able to offer specials to my mobile app customers. These are the same reasons that should empower you to get an app for your business as well!

As always, if you need anything, feel free to reach out!

I have been using the Shopkick app and love it - you will too We'll both get points toward a free gift card when you try it. Use code BEST201641 or download

Video of Some of Keywebco Sites

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