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All Nighter!

Working online takes time!

Is it Day or Night?

As online sellers you will discover when you start it seems pretty easy you just take some pictures and write some stuff.    That changes very quickly if you want to be successful! 

In the following blog I'm going to discuss just a few things that keep me very busy.  I pull all nighter's all the time.

Listing Items, If it is not listed it will not sell! this takes massive time from photos and research. Plus, time needed to organize and sort items.

I like working all the time selling online however I just can't do it everyday for 20 hrs like I was doing in the past, and still not getting everything done. I knew the day was coming for some time so made plans to overcome the work load issues in my business model.

One result of this is a simple math answer that has changed my business up by 15 to 20% right off and frees up 5 hrs of my day. Also, the math is easy your sales and your time to list divided in if its less to hire help then bingo! I can be gone a day or so and items get mailed.

They pull items and ship and help take images. 2-5 hrs a day everyday. I have a 2nd farm worker that also helps by letting me NOT do as much farm work..This helps so now I have somewhat of a life and making more money. at the same time.

Next step is I need someone that can list and can do more than just take images and market on social media, but my "Time Value" doesn't equal that....YET

With my business growing i do now have a VA which helps from a remote location with editing and other tasks.

The other thing that takes a large amount of time, but less now because I use Postcron software, is social media marketing. I use apps such as ripl and many others to get my information out to my buyers.. I do that by using business pages that take time to maintain. I send post to these sites, you know I don't just send items. You need to send 80% content meaning interesting stuff to draw people to your Pages⚑ and 20% advertising and items..

Even with with help i still pull many all nighters LOL

Roger Keyserling

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