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by Roger Keyserling

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Do you remember the famous Yellow Pages marketing campaign, ”Let Your Fingers Do the Walking?” The advertisement shows fingers moving across the pages of a Yellow Pages telephone book. Using the Yellow Pages allowed you to save time, energy and gas by researching company addresses, availability, pricing or calling for services. The name “Yellow Pages” became synonymous with “business directory.”

Here’s a Fun Fact: In 1883, a Wyoming printer ran out of white paper while printing a regular residential phone directory. He used yellow paper instead, unwittingly creating one of the most recognized phrases in American business.
Although the Yellow Pages still does provide local telephone books and is available online today, the internet has broke open consumer search capabilities to worldwide. Researching businesses by internet is instantaneous for consumer price comparison, provided detailed description of the product or service, efficiency of the seller or service, and rapid availability and delivery. Best of all is the opportunity to view the product and read reviews through customer feedback. Reviews of products and/or service reflects the reliability of the seller and helps make smart buying decisions.
Email, instant messaging, live chat and video conferencing allows the consumer to interact with the business immediately for any more specific questions about the product of service. This is a great cyber world!

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