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Dragons, Gizzard and Human Villagers - Story

· Story,Fiction

The village was such a peaceful place. As the sun shone and the birds sang, the world listened to the innocence of silence. The thought of ever facing large fire breathing Dragons was something no one ever dared to speak about. They were there or rather Gizzard was there somewhere, just waiting for the chance to engulf the world with his rage. "He's there, I know he is. I can feel his fire on the back of my neck." "No, he's not. You must be imagining things." "I assure you I am not. I tell you, Richard, he's there." "You must be the only person who can see him because I can't and neither can anyone else." Richard's companion was right. Gizzard was curled up behind a bush listening to the conversation without the least intention without slipping away. The more he listened, the more his anger grew until he almost spluttered with rage. Dragons were known for their bad temper, yet Gizzard was different. He was a kind dragon who wanted to show his human neighbors how much he wanted their friendship.

Gizzard knew he would die in a quiet place and his name would be tarnished as generations of villagers feared him. He was all too aware of the tales they told which, many of which simply weren't true. " Why won't they won't listen to us, Izzy? We could help them. We could fight with them. We could save them when they need us. We could be their hero, Izzy. You know we could. Please Izzy help me to show them we're different from the others." "Yes, I do. I also know Dragons and humans will never be friends. They will hunt us down until they kill the last one of us. You know that as well as I do." Gizzard stared at Izzy and nodded. He knew she was right. She always was. Humans would never trust them no matter how much he and Izzy wanted them to. They were, and would always be, the enemy. They had each other, yet sometimes their companionship wasn't enough. No matter how hard he tried, Gizzard couldn't help longing for that magical day when humans would sit on his back and fly away from the dangers below. He would fly above the clouds until they reached the heavens above.

They would fly to lands that were still unknown to them and discover their secrets until it was safe to return. They will need us one day. When they do, I will vow and declare I will be there to help them. Gizzard knew he was mumbling to himself again. He couldn't help it. Mumbling helped him to think. Dragons weren't known for their ability to think in detail, yet some did. Unlike other Dragons, Gizzard was known for his complex mind, at least he was known for it in the dragon world. He was known for his ability to plan everything as well as his gift of predicting unforeseen events. It was strange how he hadn't predicted anything in months. He hadn't seemed the floods or the famine which ravaged the land and its people. No that wasn't quite true. Gizzard had foreseen the numerous deaths in his mind. Unfortunately, he only saw humans on the ground.

There were dragons too; however, he hadn't seen his species as well as humans. "What's that?" "What are you talking about Gizzard?" "Please be quiet and listen." "What is it? I can't hear anything. Z" "Can't you hear someone screaming? The sound is faint; however, it is still there." They listened. It wasn't long before they both heard the same scream coming from one of the many mountains in the land. Gizzard took Izzy's right-wing and clung to it as they listened to the long, loud screams until he realized where they came from. Gizzard let go of his patient friend's wing and told her what they were going to do to save the butcher's daughter. The needed strong chains and a few secret ingredients from their garden to ensure their plan worked. Gizzard couldn't help the excitement which ran through his body.

His dream of saving a human had come. "Why do we need these things?" "Come on Izzy think. Who lives on top of the highest mountain in the land?" "No, it couldn't possibly be... I thought he was dead." "So did I, until I heard that beautiful girl scream. Nobody screams unless they hurt themselves or he harms them. I never believed what we were taught. Dragons can save humans and that is just what I plan to do." It almost didn't work. The beautiful maiden almost didn't leave her dark prison. Izzy was keen to leave; however, Gizzard was determined to rescue the girl and she knew it was the right thing to do so she stayed. Just as they were about to leave, Gizzard picked the young maiden up and put her on his back. He dropped the chain onto the hard floor and flew away into the night sky. The two friends smiled. They knew why he'd dropped them. All they had to do was wait. It was late by the time Gizzard put their new human friend to bed. The Dragons couldn't help gazing at the tiny figure before flying back to their world.

It was a long night. The cold floor was colder and harder than ever, yet the two Dragons waited. It was almost morning when they heard a chilling, screeching sound. The noise was deafening as it rang out across the mountains. Even the trees and caves shook in sympathy as the sound interrupted their sleep. They knew humans wouldn't thank them for saving their kind. They probably wouldn't believe the maiden if she tried to tell them about her adventure. It was a dream. It must have been one of the many dreams she'd had. Dragons didn't save humans, or did they?

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