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Earth Day Blog for Online Sellers!

Roger Keyserling

I really enjoy the outdoors! As an online seller I spend many hours inside working at the computer or driving to source items. I always take the time to go out on my farm and spend time each day.

As online sellers we can also enjoy thinking of products that go outside!

I use Apps then add the short videos to other editing Apps to create these video ads for seasons!

This is a loss leader type item i add each year. The object is not to really turn a big profit, it is to add views or "traffic" to you store. Many people look for summer items so by adding a few you can cross sell too.

This year Spring was the kick off of a whole new department of Travel Gear! Done for the season too as well as an investment for the next season.

I listed outdoor items the week of earth day to help sales traffic too!

enjoy my earth day gift of a use on any device App for eBay! Made by Keywebco ---> eBay App

Earth Day 1970 to 2017 What Has Changed?


Published on Apr 20, 2017

The first Earth Day was in 1970. What’s changed since? Our population has doubled. We’re emitting 2.4 times more CO2. Sea levels have risen 4 inches. But the world has also changed for the better. See how our actions since 1970 have added up.


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