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eBay and Social Media Marketing

by Roger Keyserling

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Marketing Your eBay Products Using Social Media

These days, no one trying to sell anything can ignore the power of social media. Multiple platforms give a variety of ways for creative sellers to market their products, grow their brand, and even take their online business into the mainstream—but only if you know how to do it properly.

Using social media is not as simple as copy-pasting your product description into a post and expecting people to share it. If you truly want to leverage social media to sell more of your eBay products, you need to do it right. Here are some suggestions to get you on the right path to selling through social media.

Look At Your Products

Before marketing your products even crosses your mind, you need to look them over with a fine-tooth comb and make sure the listings are as good as they can be. Do you use a variety of keywords in the title, but still in a human readable way? Do you use high-quality images that you took, or stock photos of a similar product, or images provided by the manufacturer that hundreds of other sellers are using?

Here are some suggestions to perfect your product listings:

  • Take high-quality images that fairly represent your product. Preferably, the main images will be on a clean white background. You can buy a photo box pretty cheap, so there’s no excuse not to have a professional and well-lit photo of what you’re selling.
  • Additionally, go into a photo editor or find an online tool so you can watermark your images (in the corner in a professional way, not a huge one covering the image) with your store/brand logo.
  • Leverage relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions, but be mindful of the humans who will be reading them. They should fully comprehend what you’re trying to describe, it should not simply be a lineup of keyword after keyword.

Titles can be made human readable and remain SEO optimized with the use of CAPS on First letters, dashes [-], and subtitles:

“Mens genuine vintage leather satchel messenger man handbag laptop briefcase”

Would read better as:

“Men’s Genuine Vintage Leather Satchel: Messenger Man Handbag Leather Laptop Case Soft Leather Briefcase”

Find Your Channels

Once your products are ready to be marketed, you can decide which platforms will work best. You can use as many as you want, but you’ll likely get better results if you start with just one or two and really focus on marketing.

Instagram marketing is all the rage these days, and it will work great if you have lots of photos of your products. It’ll work even better if you can make a short tutorial/usage video of your product.

Facebook marketing relies on you creating a solid store/brand page and regularly posting good content to it. With some initial likes and quality content, people will begin sharing, but it is hard to reach a new audience without sponsoring your content on their wall.

Be prepared to put a bit of money into marketing. While Instagram and Twitter both allow un-sponsored content to be found via hashtags and sharing, sponsoring your content (if it is high quality) can lead to fantastic results.

Share Marketing works too! Look at #solds Group on Facebook and Video eCom Groups. The groups have a business page so read the pinned post for more information at SoldNetwork

Please enjoy using social media while working. If you are enjoying the content you post most likely your shoppers will too!

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