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Editing on eBay With an iPad Pro

Roger Keyserling

· ebay

Well Hmm LOL

Editing items on eBay is easy on the iPad and the iPad pro I've had no problem doing everything other than of course the multi variation listings and even those you can do some of so definitely it is a tool to be used online. I would highly recommend if you're going to sell online if you have an iPad Pro or an iPad you enjoy its features but be sure that you have a PC or laptop you must have that kind of device to do it. That said I do have to admit that the tablet performs awesome on everything else. Video works well and all other features perform at good speed.

If you do not use the drop-down pictures in the multi variation listings available on eBay and only use the default pictures you can pretty much do everything on the iPad Pro however I do not recommend that it is always recommend to use the drop-down pictures instead of default

I definitely recommend if you get the iPad Pro you get the keyboard that goes with it. I did not buy the namebrand keyboard from Apple, however I bought one that does connect with the magnets on the side and does not require any battery. The keyboard adds a really nice computer on the go feel and you can type easy and fast

The screen and all other performances of the iPad Pro are just fantastic view is great I have been able to operate some applications on the iPad that I was unable to operate on other devices but over all I would say it is a good tool To use on eBay or any thing for that matter.

And here again, that said you can get for less money a device that would perform adequately. To be clear, depending on your budget and your needs I can highly recommend the iPad and the iPad Pro both of which I have used but lesser cost items will do most of the job for online businesses.

By Roger Keyserling

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