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Find A Way to Live Your Life - Fiction

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The story below is written as a fiction. An imagined story presented as though it were about actual people in real-life situations. The story is told by a narrator who may be a character in the story or someone who is not part of the events or the plot. I do base them on people I have talked to or events I have noticed.

Have you ever wished that you could have a millionaire's lifestyle? Imagine a life where you do not have to worry about how you are going to feed yourself or your family. Imagine not wondering how you are going to pay the bills this month because your job only pays minimum wage and you are still behind on last month's rent. I have been in your shoes. I know what it is like to choose which utility is more important this month. I also know what it is like to starve yourself just so your family can eat a little extra for a few nights. Humans are creatures of our own realities but what happens when we turn our fantasies into realities?

First, let me tell you that I am far from being a millionaire living a life of luxury. However, I will tell you that I am living my life doing what I have always dreamed of doing. While it is not as easy as it seems and I still do often have finances on top of my mind, there is nothing else that I would rather be doing. It took many years of ups and downs and more hardships than I'd care to explain but if I can do it, you can too.

Growing up, my issue was that I never knew what I wanted to be or what I wanted to do with my life. We all had teachers and parents that would tell us we have to pick one thing to be our career for the rest of our lives. What if I do not want to do just one thing? What if there are too many careers out there to be able to pick just one? I wanted to learn and try everything until I grew up and realized that it is not as easy to try multiple new endeavors while I have multiple new bills piling up.

From the time I was eighteen until about 5 years ago, I worked in restaurants. For any other service industry professionals, you know all to well that these jobs are plentiful and easily accessible. Most restaurants and hotels and places like that do not require much experience to get started. However, payment is usually not the greatest. I enjoyed working in restaurants because I loved to cook. To me, cooking in a high volume restaurant was kind of a game and a way to show off. I definitely was not making very much money but I had customers coming to the restaurant specifically asking for me to cook their food. If you are not familiar with how chain restaurants work, there is usually a line of anywhere between two to above ten cooks preparing your meal. To have customers ask the name of the cook that prepared their main course and to have those same customers come back and specifically request that specific cook every time is a big deal in the restaurant world.

Restaurants can be tough work environments, especially in the kitchen. It is hot and crowded. In most kitchens, There are not many windows to allow a view of the outside world. Going to work while its daylight and because it's dark by the next time you see the outside world, can play tricks on your mind. I cannot forget that there is a lot of stress associated with cooking in busy restaurants. As cooks, we have to get the food out as quickly as possible while re-cooking food that the servers forgot to ring in or the customer was not satisfied with. This leads to a lot of chaos and yelling among co-workers. Even though there is a certain level of comrodery, the stress and headaches far outweigh the pay in most cases.

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by cars. By the time I was around twenty, I built up the courage to begin working on my own cars. I certainly did not have enough money to pay someone to fix them for me so this was the only option. As I grew into my teenage years and into college I develop a talent for writing. I obtained a degree in English however, there are not many decent job options for writers. At least not where I live.

I was around twenty-five before I finally had enough of the service industry. I will not get into why the last restaurant I worked for did not work out but let's just say they did not treat their employees very well. I quit the restaurant and was left unemployed and with very little money. I did not know what to do but I did know that this would be the perfect opportunity to follow my passions: cars and writing.

At the time, shows about flipping cars had become increasingly popular on the internet and after googling ways to earn money from home I found out that I can write articles and get paid for them online. When I first got started I did not have enough money to purchase a car to resell. I did have a talent that would enable me to very quickly earn an income and save up enough to buy my first flip car over time. Freelance writing is not the best way to get rich quick but it can be a good way to save a few extra bucks if you are willing to put in the work.

It took me about five months of writing before I had saved up my first $1,000 to spend on a car. Keep in mind that I still had bills to pay and needed to feed myself so most of my money from writing went there first. The first car I bought was a 1989 Toyota Corolla Gt-s coupe. I paid a total of $450 for the car because while it ran, it had rusted brake lines that needed repaired as well as body rust that needed cleaned up before I could resell the car.

My mechanical skills are very limited and I have never had any certified mechanical training other than what I see on the internet. What I did have was determination. I kept telling myself that if someone else can do it and make a video doing it, surely I could as well. How hard could it be?

I dumped all of my remaining $650 into tools, parts, paint and other supplies that I thought I would need to get my Corolla in tip-top shape. I taught myself how to sand and cut rust out of a body panel and weld in new material. I taught myself how to paint and a lot more about tuning old cars. This was just the beginning. I sold that Corolla a month later for $3,900 and did not even use the total $1,000 from my initial savings.

I took the money I had made and took $1000 out of it for the next car and put the rest in savings. It is now six years later and I continue to use writing as my main source of bill paying which has proven to be working for me. I also get to play with cars as much as I want! I have no formal business training other than a few classes in college. All I did was combine my passion, talent, and determination to enable me to do what I finally decided that I want to do with my life.

Anyone can live their own life as long as they believe that they can. It will not be an easy road to drive down but the hard work will pay off as long as you do not give up. What are you waiting for? Go live your life!

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