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Have You Heard Of Mix?

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Have You Heard Of Mix?

Have you heard of Mix? You may remember StumbleUpon On June 30, 2018, StumbleUpon moved to Mix. And the new platform has a few features that might be of interest to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Similar to StumbleUpon, the social network site that helps users discover unique and interesting things across the web, Mix provides a new way to discover and save people’s favorite things on the internet.

This is the link to our Mix Profile. I am not overly active on it all the time but I do enjoy using it periodically.

Learn more about Mix:

Built upon the legacy of StumbleUpon, Mix enables you to curate and share the best of the internet. The platform learns what you love browsing and searching for across the web, to show you even more of what you are interested in.

From articles and images to videos and music, you can save anything from anywhere on Mix. As long as it’s on the internet, you can add your favorite things to Mix.

The social media platform enables you to delve deeper into new topics and explore interests with greater comprehension. Rather than being merely a source for breaking news, Mix is aimed at taking its users deeper into the things that interest and matter to them, helping them learn more about their favorite topic

How to Use Mix

From a purely mechanical standpoint, it’s easy to use Mix. I’ll get into the advanced techniques and ways to really take advantage of the platform later, but for now, let’s just get you started.

First of all, you need to sign up for Mix. Unfortunately, the window for porting over a StumbleUpon account is already closed, as of last June. You’ll need to start from scratch.

When you go to, you’ll be asked to sign up for the service. You have three options to sign in: Facebook, Twitter, and Google. All three use the typical authentication: simply sign in using one of those profiles and you’ll have your basic information filled out. For obvious reasons, I’d recommend using a business account to sign up, probably a Twitter all things considered. Each option will have specific permissions, so keep that in mind:

  • Facebook: Can see your name and profile picture, which are required. Can see your friends, and can see which friends use Mix if they’ve allowed their profile to be visible, which is optional. Can see your birthday and email address, also optional. Cannot post, harvest any other information, or otherwise interact with your account.
  • Twitter: Can read your tweets, can see your followers, and can see your email address. Cannot follow, change your profile, post, see DMs, or access your password.
  • Google: Can read your name, email address, and profile picture. Cannot access your account in any other way.

Next, you have to pick some starter interests. It will show you some interests with a thumbnail and a brief blurb.

Once you’ve chosen your interest feeds, you’re brought to your main page. This gives you three feeds to choose from.

  • For You: A feed of recent content in the categories you choose. You can see a preview of a link and the reason it’s in your feed, like “because of your interest in cooking” or “popular in video games”.
  • Following: A feed of content shared by people you follow, who share your interests. You can connect your Facebook or Twitter accounts to share your friends/followers lists to see if any of them are using Mix, or you can follow content curators you like on the platform directly.
  • Popular: A feed of content that is trending at the moment, somewhat regardless of your choice in interests. It will show you specific pieces of content, as well as collections you’re not already following.
How do I create a Collection?

To create a new Collection or add a page to an existing Collection while in the app, tap the Add button. Then choose an existing Collection from the list or make up a new one. It's up to you, so get creative.

How do I submit posts to Mix?

You can submit posts from any iOS app using the iOS share menu. Simply select the Mix app from the menu and then follow the same steps you would add a page to a Collection.

You can also submit posts from within the app by using the + icon in the top right of the home screen. Paste in the URL you want to submit and tap Post.

On desktop browsers, we recommend our Mix extension for Chrome or Firefox to quickly add pages from anywhere to your Collections.

How do I delete a post?
At this time you cannot delete a post from Mix after you have submitted it. You can remove a post from your Profile by going to the preview page of that post and clicking the Added button. Then uncheck the Collection it is in and confirm by clicking "Done". The page will still be on Mix but will not be shown on your Profile.

How do I edit a Collection?

On the main page of a Collection, click the Edit button to open a menu where you can change the title, description, cover image, and privacy.

How do I share posts?

There are many ways to share on Mix.

Within Mix, you can use the direct message feature to share to your connections on Mix or you can @ mention them in the comments on the preview page.

Please note, in order to direct message a user, you must be following each other.

You can also share outside of Mix via email or any other app using the iOS share menu.

How do I edit my interests?
  • Navigate to your profile
  • Click the orange Settings button
  • Click Interests in the left sidebar
  • Then, choose which Interests you follow on Mix!
     Or, just follow this direct link!

Occasionally mention Mix on your site in your blog posts, to get your audience to sign up to follow you and to view your content updates through the platform. You can also add a Mix social sharing button to your site, with instructions found here. Alternatively, Mix is a button option for my favorite plugin, Social Warfare, so you can simply add it that way.

You can also fill out this form to apply to be a featured curator. This puts you in the recommendations as a curator for others to follow. On top of that, there’s the referral program if you want to explore that option. You can earn curator points, which can be redeemed for features like taking over an Instagram story, a featured place in the homepage carousel, and a place in the Mix newsletter. Eventually, you may be able to cash them out for money as well.

We would really appreciate a quick productive comment on this blog. It really makes us feel good and is our motivation to continue.

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