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"Hero's Journey with Dragons" Story Contest

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Write an awesome story about a journey with a dragon or dragons. Use the basic outline below as a guide. Have Fun! Keywebco is a small business that operates in a big business way. I was hard when I started to get my blogs seen and websites too. Over the years Keywebco has gotten to be very good at both. I have a small budget but wanted this contest to help my Dragons Book and give others a chance to Win too.

Everyone Wins!

All entries will be published with your by line

All entries will Podcast

1 st. Prize

Free Custom Website with All SEO etc. Done For You & $25.00

2 nd Prize

Free Pro-SEO Boost for Any URL & $15.00

3 rd Prize

Free SEO Boost For Any URL & $10.00

To Enter: Must Upload By Nov. 1st 2020

  • All copy must be original
  • The Story Contest Form must be filled out.
  • The submitted story must not contain any offensive content.
  • Word count needs to be high enough to complete the story

Use this as a general story structure

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