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How To Save Money Without The Hassle

By Roger Keyserling

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How To Save Money Without The Hassle

We’ve all heard the popular tips, like cutting back on your restaurant spending and shopping for the best travel deals, but these tips are a little bit fresher and oftentimes more effective for the everyday person. All of them will help you spend less and save a little more.

Use Coupons: Obviously, there’s no need to pay full price on most products you buy. But, couponing used to take hours of going through sale ads to even have enough to save $10 on your next trip to the store. These days, though, there are plenty of apps you can use that will take your shopping list and display coupons that work at your local stores! It takes just a few clicks to do and can save you $5, $10, or even $100 depending on what you’re shopping for.

Check Sales: What better time of the year to shop than the holiday season when stores are trying to clear out their inventory? But if you want to avoid the rush, simply look online. There are plenty of great sales going on all the time, and you can score a great deal if you simply hold out on your next large purchase for a few days or weeks.

Travel Smart: Yet again, there’s an app for that! Plenty of free apps and websites are devoted to helping you save money on your next trip, whether it’s to your state’s capital or all the way around the world. Plus, you can take advantage of more deals by regularly booking through certain sites.

Use Credit: This might go against every tip you’ve ever been told when it comes to responsible finances, but if you use credit responsibility, you can reap a bunch of rewards, from cashback on every purchase to travel miles, and more. Just don’t spend more than you have (treat it like a debit card with a set budget, and not like a high limit credit card) and you’ll be golden.

Earn Free Money: Shopkick is one of the greatest apps you can get to earn your way towards gift cards just for walking around! You can earn kicks from certain stores by simply entering through the door or scanning through ads. With just a couple minutes a week, you can easily earn $25 gift cards to your favorite stores in just a few months.

Redeem Your Rewards

Now that you’re earning gift cards and cashback on your purchases and everyday shopping, you have to remember something very important: redeem the rewards you earn. A lot of people like to rack up and “piggy bank” their cashback, rewards, and travel miles, but you have to be careful about doing so. Some rewards expire, and you’re better off using them sooner rather than later.

With these tips, you should be all set to start saving a little bit more money and earning some extra cash!

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