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Inspiring Motivational Stories Helpful Tips

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The story below is written as a fiction. An imagined story presented as though it were about actual people in real-life situations. The story is told by a narrator who may be a character in the story or someone who is not part of the events or the plot. I do base them on people I have talked to or events I have noticed.

Here I am narrating a motivational story which I encounter in the session of a motivational speaker in Lucknow. He is also a keynote speaker and a leadership consultant in the same city.

A psychology professor once came into the class with lots of stuff and put all those peripherals on the table. As the class began, he took the empty jar and placed it in the middle of the table without uttering a single word. We all were watching very closely although we didn't want to be seen stupid in front of two hundred people sitting in the seminar. The professor proceeded by filling up the jar with rocks (appears to be about 6 centimeters in the diameter) and asked the attendees, "Is this jar full?" I am in no hurry to give any answers and waited for everyone to respond. They all said, "Yes, it is." I too said in the same chores and agreed that the jar was full. The professor then poured pebbles into the pot and shook it. The stones occupied the spaces in between rocks and asked again, "Is this jar full?" the pebbles that rolled down the spaces between the stones make it appear full. So all said again yeah it was full as compared to the rocks only.

The professor smiled and took sand to pour it down into the jar. The sand took the remaining spaces of pebbles & rocks and filled it. There was no space can be seen in between. He, once more, asked the same question "Is this jar full?" Now even I am confident to say it is full. We all said unanimous, "Yes, it is full".


Explanation of the experiment:

The professor explained everything. He let us imagined life as a jar. The rocks in the research were the essential things in life, such as your family, your wife, your children and your health. The things that would remain with you even if you lose everything in life are considered as essential things. The pebbles were the other essential things in your life, such as your job, your car, your house etc. Similarly, the sand is everything else - the small stuff in life. It was now easy to understand that if we put the sand or small things in our life first, there was no time for sure for the things which matter the most. The sand would occupy all the space leaving no space for the pebbles and stones.


You need to pay attention to your family and children more than your job or anything that matters less in your life.

Think about the rocks, and they matter everything else in life is just sand. You can always have time for your job, just set priorities.

Motivational Stories Have The Ability to Lift us.

People mostly use Motivational Stories to teach and to encourage or to inspire the hopes of the listeners so the listener will use it as a stepping stone and for living a good life used it as an example. A different person has a different attitude, and they affect your emotions differently; some make you cry, or some make you think. Hopefully, some will inspire you and give motivations to go for your dreams.


When you are reading these motivational stories, the critical point is that if while reading you get feeling of motivations, where you want to do something then do! If you do not take any action when motivated, nothing is more of a waste than to be inspired. If a story causes you to do something or at least make you believe in yourself a bit more than the story is the motivational story. Hopefully, these Motivational stories will convert your life in some way.


Bringing of new individual stories of motivation will make more people realize that it is within them to overcome daily miseries with beneficial attitudes that leave behind the sense of hopelessness and resignation. We also find that while energies are spent addressing specific issues, such as water scarceness and healthcare barrier, more attention will gather more input and solutions to drive more local and international awareness to participate in the efforts.

Also, embedded in our mode of operation is the delivery of all aspects of our work at the highest standard. We believe that we are intrinsically proficient of generating content and communicating it at the most upper thinker, technical, and visual rules that put us at equality with, if not ahead of, what today's conversant and exposed global community demands. By that, we aimed to attract attention not only to our collective motivation but also to our skills, expertise and abandoned prospective.


Inspiring Motivational Stories.

These stories are the stories which inspire us to do something big in our life. These stories to be used to direct the people, to help them out, to give them a better life, positive attitude, motivational stories are the best way to teach somebody by the leading personality. In this way, we can work towards our goal or target effectively. The story is full of positive attitude, enthusiastic, labor, efforts and inspiring quotes so that people would love to read of listening to these stories.


The positive attitude is one of the best components of the motivational stories because, without a positive attitude, you can not apply the thoughts and the point which is told to be implemented. The positive attitude can be your weapon in the war of the ideas while we are talking about the motivational stories. The most and important part of these stories is to be bold and brave enough so that people can be motivated by them, which is the main motto of the stories. Will power is the key to the motivational stories; without will power, you can not even think about changes. Will power is the only key to self realization and implementation of the changes and the positive changes so that you can feel the difference before and after. These stories are all about changing your self with new ideas and theories. And without will power, you can not imagine changing your way of working or thinking.


This is just to you make you think that where you are going and where you want to go. People need to know how they have to go. So that they can have an idea about the journey, these stories are to tell you how to travel. Life is a journey and you are the passenger this is up to you that where go and how.


The motivational stories are just an idea to make you rely on how important you are, what power you have, and things you can do, changes you can make in this world as well as in you. These theories are to prepare for the uncertainty of the future, unwanted lose of past and best utilization of present.

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