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Roger Keyserling

Importance of Keywords selling on eBay:

eBay's success had shot-up exponentially since its inception and this success has attracted increasing numbers of sellers and buyers visiting this site everyday day 365 days a year. They have made a huge turnover, with big profits in a short period of time. Now, that’s what I call growth and success in business. Selling on eBay successfully has become much more challenging, especially with several larger companies now having their presence there. So, how do you ensure that potential buyers find your auction and store listings interesting?

One of the most significant ways to be sure that visitors find your listings at eBay is to use the proper keywords within your listings and store. Keywords are simply a important phrase or word in the description and title of an item which pertains to the words people would be using in their item searches. The keyword requires being relevant to those items being sold and the phrases prospective buyers are using to find items like the ones you are actually selling.

Keywords for Your Item Description or Categories:

If you had an eBay store, the first thing you must be focusing on using keywords is within your store description where you advice visitors the kinds of items you sell. This is the place you must be using your main key phrases. To illustrate, suppose you sold your old books or magazines, you perhaps may use the phrases ‘used books’, ‘first editions’ or ‘collectible books’.The next place to use the keywords is inside of your store categories. Every category could have sub-categories and if you had a store concentrated on one type of item then it makes some sense to break it down into few sub categories.Decide on your primary keyword in the first place. To illustrate to you this in detail, in case you intend selling some old collection books or journals you can use the main category keyword as ‘Collectible Books’, and then narrow down the keywords in its sub-category to First Editions and then narrow it down further to categories within First Editions entitled Biographies, History etc..

Optimizing the Listings for your Keyword Searches!

For effective optimization you must include your primary and secondary keywords within the title and description of your listings. Try to make it appear natural and not as if you have "stuffed" all your keywords into the description just for the sake of stuffing them. Always put those keywords in start and ending paragraphs of your listing to make it bold or highlight them to make them stand out. This would hint those automated spider robots to search eBay or the Internet as a whole that these highlighted are the most important words/phrases on this page.Creating store categories, descriptions, listing descriptions and listing titles which also include appropriate keywords is crucial when selling on eBay; it's the only method visitors would anyway find your auctions and your store items. Lot many sellers on eBay are missing-out on huge profits just by neglecting to list their items in an optimized manner. Make sure you're not one of those losers and lose a great deal.

Roger Keyserling

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