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Math Store Challenge

Roger Keyserling

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Do the math challenge!

1. Review store categories. Place them in order by the number of items in each.

2. Review sales for those categories. Put the number sales of each per category.

3. Analyze the numbers. Are they in the same percentage based on amounts you carry in your store? In other words, are your results lining up with your product emphasis?
I began as a clothing and Barbie doll seller on Amazon, then changed over to eBay because it worked better for my business plan. Everything changes in business all the time. Market trends, items sourced, platform changes, etc. — the list goes on and on. All of these changes happen many different ways quickly. Some you may see slow changes over time. The math tells you what is actually real!

Listen to others for good advice but the math results are the true story of what works. I was once told not to list so many different kinds of items but to focus on one niche. This failed to work for me. Several items of all different kinds were tested and the math said it was best for me to use my large social media sites and a funnel. I concluded a large high volume appeal would work best. My conclusion was correct however it is costly to maintain a “Walmart" type store. That said it, niche stores are best for most sellers. My store is designed differently and uniquely. My marketing plan is key.

If you take the math challenge, it can help you focus with what you learn. You can use this method per item too. Calculate Cost of goods (COG), shipping cost, returns costs, store/PayPal fees, tax, shipping supplies cost, and storage or overhead % cost = what you really earn. You may be shocked but you then can adjust accordingly.

I learned my eBay store, KEYWEBCO did better with a variety of Toys & Hobbies and Home & Goods. Toys & Hobbies was in my marketing plan. Home & Garden happened over time with the results and became the largest, most successful department in the store.

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