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Multiple Variations in eBay Listing

Creating a listing with variations

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If you have one or more of the same item in different variations such as size or color, etc., eBay requires that you list these items in one listing rather than individual listings. You will be able to set different prices for each item and in the long run, this listing method will save you time and boost your search rank within eBay.

To list fixed price multiple items that are all the same, indicate the number you have to sell in the appropriate box on the Sell an Item page.

To list multiple items that are the same but vary in size, color or other details, select from the list of variation details or find more variation details by clicking the Add Your Own Detail button. You can select up to five variation details such as Color, Size, Width, Material, and Style with up to 30 values for each detail.

In the default photos area, show one general photo view of each variation. This will show the difference in each item.

In the next photo area, from the drop down menu, you may choose one photo attribute (other than default) and add up to twelve photos of each variation.

Move down to the Variation Combinations area to add UPC, Quantity, and Price. Click Save and Close.

Move to enter the next variation by clicking Edit and repeat the process.

That’s it! It may seem confusing and overwhelming at first - you will run into bumps in the road but you will get the hang of it. 

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