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My Best Friend Escape - Story

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Wanik was an interesting place to grow up. I used to love to explore the area outside on my free time. I was the type of person who didn't want to live in a small town. I went to the city and loved it there.

So I spent most of my time studying so I could find a profession that would allow me to make it out. I really didn't want to be one of those people waitressing at the only bar in town. I had a cousin that did that and all she could do after her shifts is complain her feet hurt and tell me to get an education.

However, I couldn't study all the time. The books were good and all but I liked the outdoors too. It felt so free there. I could adventure outdoors and forget I was even in the world at all.

Wanik was a place that had a lot of unexplored wildlife. Thankfully, it was almost hot like a desert so there were no bears. One day I decided to be really brave and explore an area I hadn't before. I was planning on making a map of it.

So there I was lurking around and I spotted a cave. There was a smell of smoke coming from it. It wasn't a lot of smoke, but it was a little. I went in and jumped.

I saw this dragon there. It had wings and a long neck. There it was though peacefully napping by a fire. I figured that it must be a fire breathing dragon at this rate.

I touched the dragon and it startled. I was very tame. I started to pet it. I just felt drawn to it. It was as though it was my pet and it was here in Wanik for me.

I had summoned this ride in my dreams almost. My dragon could fly just like in the movies. Well, I wanted to do more than just stay in the cave. The next time I went back, I brought some raw meat. This helped to lure the dragon out.

It turns out that training dragons are just like training dogs. They really like to get treats and they'll do more if you teach them with Pavlov's conditioning.

My dragon had to be named. I named him Escape. For me, my dragon was my escape from reality. I didn't have a lot of friends in Wanik because they didn't think like me. They liked to gossip and exclude people. They were rude and pretty much laughed in your face.

I never clicked with the type of people that I felt were like this. I wanted to be around docile and adventurous people, just like Escape. One day, I got on Escape and he started flying.

It was the most fun I'd ever had. When summer hit, I told my Mom that I was going to a friend's house for a few days. Really, I was adventuring with Escape. I wanted Escape to fly me to a large city. I wanted to look around and take pictures, so I brought my camera.

The escape took me because I trained to Escape how to fly. I was riding the magical waves of adventure in the clouds now on my way to New York.

When I got there, I did take a lot of pictures. I went to Central Park and even went to a Broadway show. I stayed in a hotel with some money I had saved. Escape waited patiently on the outskirts of the city at a designated location.

I knew Escape would always help me. Later when I went to college, Escape followed me. We found him a new cave. I went to visit him often. He saved me a lot of money on airfare.

I think I also helped Escape get away from Wanik. He was all alone there. He had no interaction. I let Escape in and Escape let me in. We had a bond that was like that between any other owner and pet. It was just a magical connection. Escape helped me realize that the city was nice, but it was nothing without a good friend.

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