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Nembol App

By Roger Keyserling

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Using Nembol

This article will walk you through using the Nembol app to publish your products for sale online. The app is available through the App Store and Google Play, plus, you can use the browser version as well!



Nembol works with eBay, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magneto, and more! The Nembol app is free to download and allows users to publish unlimited products with no hidden fees! The desktop version is just $29 a month and allows users to synchronize their listings across several devices and create multi-variant items. Plus, the desktop version lets users share products across multiple channels.


Nembol is great for brands as it allows them to easily share new product information to all of their retailers with just a few clicks. It’s used by both local retailers and online sellers. This article will be focused on the latter.


How To Use It

Nembol has a fantastic user interface and is, therefore, pretty easy to pick up on. However, there are some features that might require some explanation and getting used to the location of everything within the app can take a little bit of time.


Setting Up Channels

A channel is basically a website where the product will be listed. Channels in Nembol include Amazon, Etsy, etc. Channels need to be setup and connected through the app by logging into your account on the Channels page. If there are settings available for a channel, you will be sent to the settings page after logging in so you can alter the settings if you desire.


Adding Products

Adding a product can be done in less than a minute! It takes five simple steps. One, click the “Add” icon (which is a camera on the iPhone or a plus button on Android). Two, snap a photo of the product or upload one from your device’s photo album. You can add multiple product photos along with images of the product’s barcode.


Three, describe the product! What’s neat is that Nembol actually analyses the images you upload and is able to get info from them. Of course, you can change the information if needed but it can save a lot of time! If you want to add more information than what was automatically filled out, just click “Need more fields?” and you’ll be able to add: brand, size, material, the message for social shares, etc.


The next steps are to pick which channels you want to publish on and then publish the product!



Nembol lets you do a bunch of cool things, like manage your sales directly through the app! The Analytics screen will show you the number of products you have published, the clicks they have received, the number of products you have sold, and your total revenue all broken down into charts with the timeframes of: Today, This Week, This Month, and All Time.


Overall, Nembol’s features make it an incredible tool for any business owner. The fact that the app is available free-of-charge is very impressive and it’s certainly something online sellers should make use of.

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