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First are a few of my poems. Then are poems I enjoyed and collected them here to share with you.

Let The Light In

The key to life is not having keys

But to have windows through which everyone sees

Because when you're good you want the light in

You don't need to hide out in the shame of sin

Finding your way might to tricky

And also try not to step in something sticky

Wherever life takes you be glad

It's sure to turn out into something rad.

Use Your Voice

Give yourself a choice

In any given day

Use your own voice

Or just perish away

You will find that the former

Is better than staying silent

You will become an informer

Rather than someone who just pays rent

Use your vocal chords

Say it out loud and clear

You may even shake the boards

And make the crowds cheer

The Unexpected Flow Of Life

Like the blowing wind, we drift along.

Sometimes weak and sometimes strong.

Never knowing what lies ahead

it's up to us to forward tread.

Yet, no matter what obstacles are in our path,

we're the ones in charge of today's dance.

Instead of envisioning future dilemmas,

I'd rather envision the world through rose-colored glasses.

One of my favorite sights for poems is So, I thought sharing the best poems might be fun. the following embeds are poems I am sure you will enjoy or at least find interesting.

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