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I have heard "You create the perfect piece of content; you hit the Publish button; and you just sit back and wait for the traffic to start rolling in: The only issue is the traffic never comes in like just doing one thing.

As you know quickly after starting, getting people to read, share and talk about your content is the hardest part about content marketing.

it's the "Marketing" part of content marketing that you struggle with.

The first things people see when they click on your profile. It will also play a key role in the actions someone decides to take once they’ve landed on your profile, too. It could entice them to follow you, scroll through some more of your content or even click the link back to your website.

How to get your content read has many factors. Just imagine yourself browsing through a magazine or watching a YouTube or other video..

  1. Showcase your products or services
  2. Build your community
  3. Increase awareness of your brand
  4. Showcase your company culture and values
  5. Advertise to potential customers
  6. Increase brand loyalty
  7. Share company news and updates

No matter how good your content is, if your headline does not grab attention quickly, no one will read it.

Create a sense of urgency by telling your readers that they only have a short window to act on your information, you are more likely to get them to read it. A standard trick often used however Keywebco does not use this, Our business model it does not apply.

Capitalize on mistakes - people make mistakes, so creating a headline that shows what people can learn from your, or other people's, mistakes can easily draw a big audience. If you provide a value or helpful tip that makes your headline remembered with a value offered by you.

Evoke curiosity - people are naturally curious, so making your headline a question will encourage them to click through and read your content. Keywebco loves to use images and video graphics.

Hopefully these tips will help you create a headline that encourages people to read your content.

Now that you know how to get your content read, let's focus on getting it liked, saved . comments and shared. One great way to increase reach and engagement is to post about trending topics people are talking about. Not only can this increase your chances of appearing in feeds, but people will be more likely to comment on and share your posts as well.

Don't place too many social icons on your site - the simplest way to get your content shared is to include social buttons within your content. Too many in the design can distract from your message

Limit the number of social buttons to a few. Not all social networks are equal - don't just ask your readers to promote your content on all social sites. Yet, if you business is designed to include large numbers of sites and choices its a help. Be sure your sites are all branded clean up-to-date etc...

Leverage content blockers - have you ever thought about putting a gate in front of your content that forces people to share it before they can read it? You can see this strategy in play here, and you can do the same thing on your site through WP Lead Magnet.

Build your network - through services, websites, blogs, social networks, even Apps!, Best way you can get hundreds of people to share your content on the social web or use your apps and sites. Stay relevant to your target audience because if you give something like an iPad away, or a free app, literally anyone could be interested in entering. If you’re a health focused gym, you might want to select a prize that’s much more niche, like an entry into a local competition or year’s supply of protein powder or healthy meals discounts.

What better way to engage with your audience than to do it live. Live streaming features allows you to stream live and interact with your audience directly. One of the ways to boost your engagement is with a live chat.

Ask your readers for help - at the end of your blog post tell your readers to share your content on a social network of your choice, but don't do this too often as it will lose its effect.

When you post new content, you can always email it out to your list. I opt to offer it but share my free goodies with or without email. Not the best approach but I do have very high repeat customers and shares and app customers in the 10,000s' of thousands.

Plus, email subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share the content via the social posts. So it is a great idea.

Now that you know how to get your content shared, how you can make it go viral? Some content ideas and tactics that work better in some industries over others.

This is why it’s a good idea to test different posting frequencies to see what works for your business and your audience.

"Stay informed with trusted news and share your thoughts is how you keep informed and evaluate.  Never not double check all the facts! and change yourself based on those real facts" - Roger Keyserling

If people are talking about your content at parties, you've mastered virality. Many people hesitate in sharing their personal experience, as they don't want to reveal some perceived flaw or weakness, but in these times, there's a good chance that other business people are feeling what you're feeling, and asking the same questions you are about how to forge a path ahead.

In this respect, sharing your thoughts could be a great way to build new connections, and establish a stronger presence within your professional network.

Do you know what makes most things go viral? It's not the marketing strategy it's actually the content. Plus your branding, offers, value, reliability, and more. Maintain complete oversight of all connected social profiles from one location. Save time with a suite of user-friendly, custom reporting options that scale with your business

By creating content that is exceptionally good, you will increase your chances of people talking about it. Conventional thinking might lead you to create original content each and every time but that doesn't always have to be the case. To save you needed time and energy, try re-posting or recycling content that has performed well in the past.

Quality over quantity - I've found that writing content that is long and thorough, such as 40,000 word guides, produces more traffic than writing short blog posts. I also use daily YouTube Live video daily on my channel

Info-graphics tend to go viral - if you can make complex data easy to understand through visual images, your content will be talked about. I find GIF images can be very useful too GIFs are hot and liked. Look to any social media platform and you'll find funny GIFs just begging for a play. GIFs add an element of excitement to your content and brighten up your website , blog or feed with some lighthearted fun. Experiment with GIF's the next time you post a new update or announce a new promotion. You'll be glad to see how much more attention it receives.

Creating unique content on topics that have never been covered before is hard. Sharing tips and tricks of the trade is a great way to increase engagement and reach with your audience. They’re likely always after more information or solutions, so the more you can provide, the better.

Leverage high-arousal emotions - content that is positive tends to do better than negative content. You want to be thought of in a good and powerful way these are the links that matter and last.

For example, now that many people are working from home due to Corvin-19, it’s a great time to get your pets involved. Post a photo with a caption about what your furry friend thinks of the new normal. People will “like” these photos, comment on them, and begin to engage with you more socially.

Content that leverages emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, joy and lust tend to go more viral than content that doesn't evoke those "High-arousal" emotions. In doing this help and grow with each other too.

Timing is everything - hitting the Publish button at a bad time or on a bad day can mean that no one will read your content. So do not reflect a bad mood on that day. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as status updates. Make sure you respond to comments, questions, and concerns. Even if they are negative, it’s important

By following this Video, you can publish content during optimal days and times to increase your odds of getting more traffic.

It won't be easy to have your content talked about at online and real in person events. , but it is possible. Collecting user generated content allows your fans to join in on the fun. You get awesome free content to use on your social networks and your fans get to participate. Win-win.

By allowing your fans to participate they become more invested in your content. Users become part of your brand's story and help you tell it

Pay Attention to :

  • Which posts are getting the most likes
  • How the number of posts you share can influence your engagement
  • Your most commented on content

Working with other partners to create co-branded content like blog posts or even live web chats is a great way to reach and engage with new people. 

Content marketing isn't a short-term investment. You need to be organized and regular. Consistency and publishing frequency can help your audience learn when to expect new content from you, and keeping a consistent schedule makes sure you maximize engagement without hitting any lulls or stretches without updates.


“The best results come from people working together to learn…because everyone has different viewpoints, experience, and ideas.”

- Roger Keyserling

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