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Remember to Laugh and Enjoy Selling!

Roger Keyserling

· Tips

It is important that sellers enjoy what we're doing. I always make it a point each day to go to Facebook or any other social media site to enjoy conversation, or to post articles for enjoyment of others. I always make sure that I do that, but then go immediately back to work to list, list, list.

For peace of mind, it's important to enjoy what you do to make you more effective at the job you are doing. You will get more accomplished in less amount of time because you enjoy what you're doing. You won’t be waiting, hesitating or dreading but enjoying your work. Whether or not you know it, your attitude will come through in your listings and how you as a seller appear to your buyers.
This is even more important when dealing with buyers through email. I make sure I have a good attitude and keep upbeat with all communications. This has helped most bad situations become good ones.

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