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Ripl App Is Awesome!

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I Use This App More Than Any Other!

YouTube Videos Made from Ripl, Mostly.

This is a single Ripl I have pinned to all my sites. I just added this one.

About Ripl

"We created Ripl to empower every small business owner to build an amazing brand.

Most of us on the Ripl team have had a front-row seat in the social media marketing revolution. Many of us also are small business owners – just like you.

Social media has exploded with businesses and brands posting an ever-increasing amount of new content every day. However, certain kinds of posts work better than others. Research shows that compelling animated video posts provoke the best engagement rate (likes, followers, resharing, etc.) and customer response. This leads to more customer loyalty, stronger customer advocacy and more new customers over time.

But why should big marketing budgets and expensive digital content creation teams be the only ones who get to ‘win’ at social media?

Small business owners also need a compelling brand identity and online customer engagement in order to compete, grow and thrive. Your customers will tell your story best... if you provide them a memorable story to share and make it easy for them to show their love!

Ripl is the mobile app designed to help you do just that.

We built Ripl specifically — and exclusively — as a mobile application because ambitious small business owners are always in motion. We made the Ripl app simple, quick and intuitive because business tools should do the work for you, not make more work for you. We designed our monthly Ripl Pro premium service with special features that help anyone build dynamic, beautifully branded animated videos in minutes.

Simply put, we built Ripl for YOU!

Thanks for trying the Ripl app — it’s a marketing team in your pocket"

Quote From Ripl Website

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