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Six Surprising Tips to Skyrocket Your eBay Listings

Roger Keyserling

Do you ever wonder if you are writing an effective eBay listing? You can take your listings to the next level and get your item sold! Below are some tips to rank highly in search results and unlock the “keys” to the prospective buyer's psyche to get your item sold.

1. Choose the correct category for your item.

If you have the UPC code, eBay will select the correct category for you. If you do not have a UPC code, browse the categories and choose the category that best describes your item.

2. Effective title (keywords)
eBay allows up to 80 characters in the title of your listing - use them effectively. Include the item brand name, specifics such as size, color, material, model number, exactly what item is. Remember you want to use words that are eBay (and Google) searchable so omit descriptive words such as “wow” or “awesome.” Always use correct spelling. Do not use all capital letters, punctuation and acronyms.
3. Condition description
If your item is anything other than ’New with tags,’ you have the opportunity to write a short condition description of your item. This will appear directly beneath your title and an effective way to catch the potential buyer's eye.
4. Photos
eBay allows 12 photos for each listing. It’s important to provide the best photos of your item because for your potential buyer, this the only way of knowing if the item is right for them. The buyer cannot pick up the item to inspect it and can only rely on your photos. Tips: Clean your item before photographing. Invest in the right lighting. Use a solid background. Photograph the item from multiple angles. Use a tripod. Learn to effective edit.
5. Item specifics
This is critical details about your item and helps potential buyers find your item in a search. eBay provides areas for you to complete with drop down boxes. If any of the boxes are pre-filled, ensure that they are correct. You may add a pertinent custom detail. Tip: Complete all recommended item specifics.
6. Description
The description is an opportunity to provide the potential buyer with more information about your item, however, provide pertinent information only. Start with additional information about the item. Include specific information about size, color, material, model number and notable features. Be clear and concise about what will be included when shipped. Be sure to clearly state the condition of the item - new or pre-owned and any flaws or repairs. Tips: Do not use all capital letters, multiple fonts or font colors. Be honest about the item. Descriptions should be short and sweet - potential buyers do not (will not) read lengthy descriptions especially on mobile devices.
Below are two examples of listings that are searchable and will get sold. My listing is a new, short tail item (quick sale) and the other listing is a pre-owned item, long tail (will sell but will take longer). Both listings have used the tips above but have slightly different styles. Take a look. for Free eBay App

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