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Snupps eBay Listing and Snupps It Up Group on Facebook and Pinterest




By Roger Keyserling





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Snupps Features

1. Keep track of what you own. Getting organized has never been so simple.

2. Be part of a community. Connect with people who share your passions.

3. Explore collections and get inspired by what’s trending.

4. Capture a Moment. Tag your friends and the stuff you love.

5. Show your collections to friends and get feedback on your stuff.

6. Moments allow you to share information

7. List and sell through eBay

4 Apps To Use Including Snupps

Snupps Main Website

London-based startup Snupps speaks to the novice gatherer in every last one of us. Regardless of whether your mystery energy is accumulating fine wines or Pokemon puppets, it's fabricated the virtual rack space where you can inventory your gathering by snapping photographs of your stuff.

Snupp's virtual racks are private and can be made public which is very important to the online seller. By share you get the opportunity to associate around your items — which fundamentally implies having other similarly posted items helps others find and connect with you, by means of the things you possess.

From eBay's Blog

Short How it Works video

Snupps has been part of Keywebco for awhile.

We are now ready to expand it even more into our already running network.

Check Out Snupps it Up Group On Snupps for Moments

Quick Run Through Of Operations

Snupps It Up Facebook Networked Sharing

Join Snupps It Up Facebook Group and add even more!

Newly Made and Ready To Grow
Very easy to do! Simply post your shelf or Item from Snupps.
Then share at least two others And those who like your post!
Post Up To 3 Posts a 24 hrs period, so that means share at least 6
Enjoy Growing Together


Snupps It Up on Pinterest

Newly made for Snupps It Up Group

Fearless Friday with Keywebco Show 7pm CST Fridays

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My Keywebco Apps has Snupps in it Too

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