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Social Media Content!

What To Post and When!

By Roger Keyserling

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I Get Asked:

"What Do I Post On My Business Page To Get Seen And When?"

Well that is the main thing we all need to know and what a great question with many answers that are based on what type of business you have!

That said I can give you this Video I created from my schedule over the last 30 days. I do much more than this too, but this is just enough to add one a day with the content you are already providing to your sites and pages.

I use an App called Ripl to deliver via Video these posts to all my sites. These images were adapted from my daily post schedule.


This is the other big part of the question I get asked often.

Again it really does depend on your business model.

For Keywebco, my company, scheduling of each "type" of post is based on traffic at estimated times. However there is much more to consider. This video i really like! I did not create the video below but do the same things for the most part.

This is Exactly What You Need to Know!

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci
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