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The Best Business Plans Are Chameleons

Roger Keyserling

Note: These Items Are All Sold Now

To be successful, you should have a business plan. However, you must be flexible. There are so many variables in the market, selling platform and end user demand that you have to keep your options open.
Part of any business plan for any reseller is product sources. Where will your products come from? At the beginning of my reselling career, for example, I purchased a large lot of new, high-end clothing at a spectacular price from a wholesaler. I was going to make a bundle. I quickly found out it just wasn’t my niche. I disliked listing clothing intensely.
I switched my business plan to sell smaller, less expensive items purchased from the newly opened “dollar” stores popping up all over the country. These items became my “bread and butter.” For me, high volume was the way to capitalize on this market. I had found my niche!
I enjoy teaching my sellers but I really love learning as well. Melissa Paz, an online seller, and I became fast friends and have maintained our friendship over many years. Melissa has strengths that I didn’t possess (she’s got a keen an eye for design and specializes in Amazon) that she was willing to share. And I have complementary strengths that Melissa didn’t possess. I’m a numbers guy and specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Melissa and I shared our strengths, became business partners, and achieved a welcomed synergy. It helps that we get along extremely well.
Melissa and I sell quite different product lines, however, we have found common ground with certain items. We have increased our buying, selling and SEO power in combining our efforts. Just recently we attended America’s Mart in Atlanta. Initially, the wholesale vendors were reluctant to deal with online sellers. However, with Melissa’s professionalism and my SEO knowledge, the vendors quickly changed their mind. Melissa and I have accounts with vendors from all over the country. We have even gained an exclusive account with Adorne Handbags, a fantastic company from Australia!
Here are a few of the beautiful Adorne handbags that are in my store:

        Adorne Round Crossbody Handbag

Adorne Crossbody Saddle Bag

Here is a sample of Melissa's private brand that I carry in my store:

Click here for this bag and other D'Luna bags, wallets and duffles: D’Luna

Model train sets have always been a staple in my stores. At holiday time I struggle to keep stock. I usually run around from store to store looking for the trains. At America’s Mart, I was able to meet with several wholesale vendors and gain accounts to keep a variety of trains in stock on a continuing basis at a great price. Below are a few favorites. For the complete collection, click here: Train Collection


Yes, I’m purchasing many products through wholesalers. Will I ever give up volume selling of low cost, high volume items? Doubtful. I have developed longstanding relationships with local store managers that contact me when they have sales opportunities and I have loyal customers for these products. Additionally, I enjoy it immensely.
The bottom line is, be flexible and realistic in your business plan. It will change! Do the research and analysis before jumping in but take the risk when presented and it makes sense. Remember, no risk, no reward. Life is short - Love what you do.

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