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The Dragon Stone - Story

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"Why don't you go ask them? You have a cooler name than me, surely they'll listen to you." Scarlet said. She looked at me and her scales glowed with the sun.

"I don't think my name will make anyone listen to me. It doesn't make me special. Besides, your name is a literal color, and mine is just random letters thrown together TRYING to sound cool." I told her. She didn't say anything, she just stared off at the guards with her wings pointed down. There were 13 of them. All training for their time guarding the fence. They learned how to do flying whirlwinds, and how to kick their hind feet into the chest of another dragon. There was only one guard at the fence a day, they had to be good. I mean if not, what types of dangers would we be exposed to? If the stone was stolen, what type of power would we still possess, if any?

"Avok, What's happening?" Scarlet asked me. She seemed to grow frantic as she inched forward and then backward. I jumped out of my head and paid attention. The guards were yelling, point towards the fence. An alarm sounded and Scarlet shrieked, shrinking back even further.

"Scarlet let's go!" I nudged her with my shoulder and ran. I flapped my wings, intending to tell her it'd take less time to fly home, but when I turned around she was gone. "Scarlet!" I roared. I looked around and there was no sign of her anywhere. I was worried she might've gotten lost in a crowd, or trampled by the guards.

I flapped my wings again and brought myself into the air. People were rushing home, pushing one another. Dirt was being kicked up which fogged my view. I flew to her cave, swerving around every person that got in my way being careful not to hit them. They are panicked, pushing them would set them off I'm sure.

When I got to her cave, for the first time since we were younger, their rocks were piled. An entranceway was no longer visible. Scarlet's family was the most inviting family in our village. They constantly went out of their way and welcomed people into their home for dinner, or donated to other families that didn't have what they did. But there was no sign of that generosity here. Fear was radiating off of the rocks now, and the world within them was closed off.

I roared. From within, Scarlet roared back. She was safe in her cave. I nodded even though she couldn't see me. I guess it was more to myself rather than Scarlet. I turned to fly again but stopped when I saw a light in the sky. Turquoise, bright, and round. It was a stone. Someone had stolen the stone. I couldn't make out who the dragon was from here, I could only make out the color. He was black, and his scales didn't glow as Scarlet's or mine did. The sun did not shine on him at all. The guards were flying after him, but somehow he was faster than them.

The stone. It held great power. Without it in its correct place, all power withers. It couldn't be the reason he was faster, could it? I watched closely as the guards tried to catch up to him, occasionally using the tactics they'd learned in training hoping it'd speed them up. I switched my gaze to the dragon that stole the stone. He held the stone in his talons, and smoke began to rise off his flesh. The stone was burning him, but he didn't care. He pushed on anyway.

I didn't gain my powers yet, and I always thought about what I'd be capable of when I did get them. Now my hope begins to wither just as the guards magic is, and they begin to fall. One by one, they all grew too tired.

The rocks behind me began to move.

"Avok, thank goodness you're still here, something's wrong with my mother!" She cried.

"I know Scarlet. Something is wrong with everyone that possesses power from the stone. The stone isn't in its correct place and it's causing their powers to die out. The guards have fallen." I turn to look at her. Her eyes are shifting everywhere except for the sky. She didn't want any part of it. She just wanted her mother back, healthy, and strong.

"What happens now? Is everything just lost? We were fine before, everything was good and now nothing will be the same!" Her voice cracked and I looked at her. I watched her for a minute as she sobbed, and then the answer came to me. I know what needs to happen now.

"I go up there is what happens now, Scarlet. Only people with power are growing weak. Those without powers are completely fine. I'd be able to catch up to him and get the stone, but I won't be able to do it on my own. I need you to distract him." She just looked at me. Tears streaming down her face. "Are you okay to do that?" I asked her. Her eyes, once sad, turned cold. She stood up straight with her wings out.

"Yes, I'm okay to do that." She said. She flew off without me. She had somehow already formulated a plan. I smiled. She was sensitive but fierce. I flew off in the opposite direction. She would distract him from one side, I'd come up on the other side. We had figured out without saying anything at all. I could see her flapping her wings at him, never giving him a chance to strike back. I flew up behind him and struck him in the back with one of my wings. He roared and the stone fell. Scarlet kept striking him as I dove to catch the stone.

I caught it on one of my wings. Although the moment was surely riveting to its full extent, the pain was almost unbearable. I wondered how the dragon had held the stone for so long while it was burning him. I had to get back past the fence and put it back in its place. I flew faster. Occasionally turning around to see if Scarlet was still at it with him. She wasn't. She was flying behind me. He had fallen.

When I got the fence, the stone dragon was standing in front of it. Stumbling on his feet. His eyes widened for a moment when he saw me coming close. I lifted my wing up farter to signal that I've got the stone. He opened the fence.

When I saw the box in which the stone fits, it was as if the entire world fell away. I was on the ground now, walking towards it. I let the stone slip off my wing into my hand and I could no longer feel it burning me. I wasn't even sure it still was. I placed the stone in the middle of the box. It fit perfectly. A large gust of wind blew through the village so hard, I felt it in my bones. But then it was gone. Everything had fallen back in place.

I could hear scarlet roar along with many other dragons. We had done it. The stone is back. The power will only continue to grow. I smile as I look up, in the mirror I can see that my eyes are glowing green. I tilt my head towards the mirror, and I pick it up without touching it at all.

I run out of the fence to meet Scarlet. My eyes must've still been glowing green because she looked like she was ready to pounce. I shook my head and looked at her.

"My powers. I got them." I told her. She smiled and let out the biggest roar she could muster.

"The stone rewarded you, young one." The stone dragon told me. "You brought it home, and you deserve all the thanks in the world. Thank you." He nodded at me before flying off.

Scarlet landed beside me and I glanced at her. Her scales glowed with the sun, and her smile was big.

"Hey Scarlet, I think I'm ready to go ask the guards now."

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