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The Dragon & The Shaman - Story

· Fiction

Many years ago, in a beautiful cottage in Ireland, lived a 21-year-old girl, and her name was Aoife. Her mother's name was Cillian, and unfortunately, she was atrociously burned alive at the stake in the Islandmagee witch trials in 1711. She had been found guilty of witchcraft a year earlier. Her father's name was Sean. He died of a broken heart 3 years later. Leaving Aoife as an orphan at 14 years old. Back then there was no economy. Any economy that existed belonged to England due to the 800 years war. Aoife then had to learn the way of the Irish. Bartering, trading, and other self-sufficient means of survival. The year she turned 18, she had worked hard to become a farmer who had her own potato farm. She then learned the way of the plants, just as her mother did at the same age.

Throughout her journey as a farmer, Aoife experienced a lot of unfamiliar, and sometimes disturbing experiences. Living on her own, it made things a tad bit more difficult to deal with. It all started with a voice she kept hearing, and it would quite often call out her name. Naturally, she immediately thought there might be a guest at the door. When she finally opened the door, to her surprise there was no one to be seen. After a while of repeating her steps, she went to bed thinking she had just exhausted her mind from a hard day's work. The next day, when things seemed to still be a little far fetched, she could not help but think of her mother who had passed. She had a thought that shocked her and sent chills throughout her entire body. "Maybe, my mother's spirit has come to visit me." She thought. Why after all this time would she make an appearance out of nowhere when things are going particularly good. "What have you come for?" She said to herself. Hoping she would get a response, but she heard nothing. The thought had eventually passed, as she was very busy that day. As she was gathering the best of her potatoes, and bagging them up for sale, something had caught the corner of her eye. She quickly looked up but realized she was alone after all. Later that night, she got home, and she was quite tired nonetheless. So she decided to call it an early night. It wasn't long after she decided to lay down, she fell right into a deep sleep. Almost instantly, her brain hit REM sleep, and she had a dream that would change her life forever.

"GASP!" She woke up in such a fright. She looked around her room to make sure she was still at home, is that what she just saw seemed too real. She quickly reached for her nightstand to grab her dream journal. She dated July 13th, 1721. "It was no secret that at the end of the 1700s, it was very clear that there were many mentally ill people wandering the streets at night, sleeping in the fields, and worst of all getting locked up in various ways, but there is no possible way I am even close to mad! Everyone in my family seemed okay to me. Anyhow, I had a dream about a beautiful, majestic dragon last night. With the sharpest green eyes, I have ever seen in my life. Somehow they were so familiar like I have seen them before. My mother.. my mother! She had the prettiest green eyes, that always seemed to change with her mood. I knew in my heart that it was she who came to me last night. Although, she gave me a message, telling me her, and my father needs my help. They seem to be stuck. Stuck where though? I do not have the slightest idea. It seemed as if the dragon were dancing, except I have never seen this type of dance before."

Aoife stood up, and instead of her usual routine, she began to get dressed. She stood in front of her mirror trying to remember the steps she had just dreamed up. She cupped her hands, and bent her knees, swinging her cupped hands up into the air. She parted her hands as she came back up, and gently swung her left hand across her body to the left, holding her right hand in front of her. Her left hand swung back up until her hands met again, except it looked as if she was about to pick up a baby. She held her hands in front of her trying to remember the next step. She bent down, and up, and as her arms went up with the rest of her body, she spread her hands apart as if she just taught a little bird how to fly for the first time. Trying to remember every step to get it right, she practiced over, and over, and over again, until finally she succeeded, and danced with flawless intent.

All-day, the only thing Aoife could do was dance, and think with a mind full of questions until she finally exhausted herself, and fell to sleep instantly. She began to dream, and as soon as she saw the dragon she asked, "Mother? Is that you?.." The dragon nodded, yes. As the dragon's head fell with her nod, she ended up in a different place. Right in front of her stood her mother and her father. She began to dance, and as she repeated it; one for each family member. She cupped her hands as they went down into the river, and up to her mouth whereby she would sip the magic water. Her left hand grabbed her mother's hand, and lead her to the left side where she then let go of her mother's hand and pointed to the sky. She watched as her mother crossed over into the light, and then she helped her father. No longer were they earthbound.

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