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The Importance of Selling Online with a Store

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The online retail market has become significantly important since the onset of eCommerce. As people become more comfortable with computers, they are realizing the convenience of online shopping. In today’s climate, businesses offering products must have an online presence. If your industry competition is selling online but you are not yet there, you are losing a huge audience and a large market share.

An online store may at first be overwhelming, the process may not be as difficult as it appears. There are many resources at your disposal for help. During the process, keep your specific customer in mind. Make the store user friendly to ensure your customer has the best shopping experience possible. Don’t get discouraged, this may take several versions.
Development of Online Retail
Online retail is developing and changing rapidly. More folks are seeking online shopping and anxious for more prominent access to innovation. The accommodation of shopping online is alluring to cutting edge customers. Give your customers something new in your store so that they return often.

Social networking sites have realized the online retail showcase potential. Purchasers search social media web sites such as Pinterest and Instagram for shopping ideas motivation. Individuals continually access the Internet through their portable workstations, tablets and cell phones. This makes online shopping an inexorably popular choice for many buyers. In fact, more and more online purchases are being made through mobile devices. See the below statistics.
eCommerce Mobile Stats
• 125 Million U.S. consumers own smartphones
• 50 million U.S. Consumers own tablets
• 62% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months
• One third of all eCommerce purchases during the 2015 holiday season were made on a smartphone.
• eCommerce dollars now comprise 10% of ALL retail revenue
• 80% of shoppers used a mobile phone inside of a physical store to either look up product reviews, compare prices or find alternative store locations
• An estimated 10 billion mobile connected devices are currently in use

Ignoring these trends in mobile eCommerce (referred to as m-Commerce in the industry) evolution means potentially missing out on more and more profit as these trends continue.

Here are some tips to make your website mobile friendly:
• Your website should be programmed to intuitively adapt to whatever device is accessing it in order to provide the most user-friendly experience
• Tap-Friendly: make sure all buttons, links and calls to action have the appropriate size and margin to prevent errors.
• Text Phone Numbers: Make sure all phone numbers are text and not images so users can tap-to-call, or copy and paste the number to share with a friend.
• Visual Content: Since mobile websites are usually viewed on the go and on much smaller screens, utilizing visual content such as infographics and videos will be preferred over reading lengthy text.
• Main Navigation: increase padding around menu items so it’s easy for the user to read and tap on menu items.
• Contact Forms: Increase form input fields so it’s easy for the user to fill out the form.

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