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The Scourge of the Dragon - Story

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We could not have imagined that it would it happen. A deadly pestilence has come upon the world. Millions of people have been infected by this scourge and everyone is dying all around us. The plague is bad but something more forbidding looms in this chaos. This thing comes to haunt our city during the nighttime.

I am from the kingdom of Burringham which lies in the realm of Angleland. We are of the Saxon race and I am monk at the Abby of Westburrow. For the past year we have been isolated away from the masses because of the plague. The plague infects people and they don’t know that they have it until they are near death. Once a man becomes infected, they will immediately show symptoms and then die. Some die suddenly and others could die within a few days. Most die with a few hours after getting sick.

Everyone is locked into their homes and afraid to come out. The streets are bare, the buildings are abandoned, and many more people are losing their lives to starvation and other illnesses. However, we have another problem. There is something that keeps treading its repulsive presence in our land. It is a beast that roams the night air turning the whole countryside into a fiery form of hell.

We of the Abby of Westburrow believe that this unnatural creature was released by the wicked warlocks of the East. The Druids that reside in the north have always indulged in dark magic. We honestly believe that one of them unleashed a hellish monster from one of their rituals. They worship the ancient dark lord that we abhor. They are the ones who let loose this menacing soul-destroying demon upon our realm.

The knights of Burringham have been fighting against this thing in the darkness. When the sun sets, the cries of this creature can be heard for miles around. Remember, no one is out roaming the streets at night, except the king’s soldiers. Quite a few of them have been slaughtered. Some have been found with their flesh burned clean from their bones. Others have been found half-eaten. One chap was even found alive, but his stomach and private parts were eaten out of their place. He died shortly after being discovered.

Everyone who has seen this creature believes it to be a dragon. I know, dragons are not real. They are supposed to be the stuff of legend and myths. But if this dragon is a fake, then why is it killing the lives of people. Farmers are waking up to their fields being burned and their animals are found maimed along the roads and out in the woods. Homes have been destroyed with fires and the bodies of people have littered the countryside of Angleland.

As I said earlier, the knights of Burringham are out in the countryside. They are actively trying to track the night beast the harms the land. However, they are being smitten with the plague. At least 4 of the knights have wasted away because of the plague. The knights of Burringham feel inadequate against the creature of the night. They too see it but how can they confront something that strikes like an invisible hawk and reigns down fire like a wild storm.

We at the Abby of Westburrow now pray every day to drive back the terror of the night. We somehow believe that the dragon is connected to this pestilence, but we can’t prove it. I am at a crossroads. I know that I can personally stop this demon through the power of my faith. I want to end this nightmare. I will now ride with a regiment of 15 knights from Burringham. We will travel to the land of the Druids.

For 3 days we have been riding through the ravaged lands of Angleland. We are now outside of the city of Crameworth near the borders of the Druid’s lands. We rest during the day and travel mainly by night. It’s fall. The night comes early, and the air is cool. It is close to turning dark and I am examining the land.

The border areas look rife with destruction and mayhem. There are roaming scavengers who look more subhuman than normal people. They are starving because the plague forces food away from their homes. Some have even taken to cannibalism. They eat roaming souls that are unfortunate enough to pass through their lands. They tried to consume us but the knights of Burringham slain these sorry souls. They are fortunate to be released from the madness of consuming human flesh. It is an abominable thing that no one should experience.

It has been 2 weeks and we have only seen the tail end of this fiery monster. We are now nearing the village of Shadows. It lies on the edge of the Druid kingdom. This place has been frequently hit by the dragon. A few of the brave souls that dare to venture out during the nighttime tell us that it comes often to feed on the human sacrifices offered by the Druids in the area.

Then one night, we finally get what we desired. We have an encounter with the dreaded beast that has been causing us great pain. In the village of Shadows, we encounter the Druids. What we monks have expected all along has been true. They have summoned this creature from the dark realm to claim the souls of men. The beast has brought the pestilence. The knights have forced the Druids to tell us about the creature. It uses the pestilence to help send souls into the dark realm.

The dragon returned to the village of Shadows for its nightly meal of man flesh. However, it was given a meal of steel, iron, wood, and death. It tried to cook us alive with its powerful flame. The knights held it off but at a great cost. I have prayed that this day would come. The day the dragon would be defeated. Now that the dragon is dead, the plague died with it and the land is healing itself. Now, I watch the realm of Angleland once again to ensure that no other evil will destroy it.

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