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Tips For Sellers to Keep In Mind

Roger Keyserling

Some tips to think about:

Internet marketing

This does not have to cost a bunch of money. You can optimize your site store and social media to be found better in search engines. Share ideas, links, posts and update your site content regularly with fun and useful content. Think about the sites you visit most often and why you visit, and you’ll see what you need to do.

Doing Interviews

I have been on shows like eBay Radio and I Co-Host eComblab and eComBizCafe which have been a huge benefit. Speaking, online or in person, or just talking while out shopping or doing business is always good. Take any chance where you can tell your story of how you got where you are or you can educate on a specific topic that’s of interest to people. It’s very important to note that you absolutely can not sell from the podium. It’ll destroy your credibility and value very quickly. The pushy sale fails the upbeat sale wins. To sell from the podium, you specifically must avoid selling. Ironic truth.

Team Work

A formal alliance between two or more sellers, usually formalized by one or more business contracts that falls short of forming a legal partnership can be super useful. The best companies to strategically partner with are the ones that usually have a mutually working relationship with already. Sellers and Buyers, often find each other when helping!

Social Media

Networking on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Update your status daily, interact with everyone you know. Reach out to new people through the people you know and interact with on social media. Leverage existing relationships to create new ones and to get your foot in the door where you’d like to do business or learn and exchange ideas. Always help in anyway you can and bring your success to others by sharing business changes and more.

my favorite Tip because it feels the best. "Always treat your buyer with respect and be honest."


Roger Keyserling

Owner Keywebco Network

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