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You Can Do It! Selling Online!

Roger Keyserling

It is said that proof is in the pudding...Well Here is my cup LOL

I thought it would be fun to show how time has gone for keywebco on eBay. This chart starts with selling just on eBay too. So if I can do this just on ebay anyone can.

I was shot in a car jacking causing me to die and come back resulting on me being on full disability when I started with no money. Now I source in a day what many earn a week at regular jobs..You Can Do It too.

The main thing you need to do is THINK. Plan what you buy and when, clearance is best. Then think what do I need to do to make my business? What space and supplies to store it and find it? Marketing costs and how. Graphics, tape LOl etc... You can see the list will be long and need funded too. In other words you can sell stuff on line and make some or you can Think and make a business plan and win!


Sourcing Tip: Find a set of two or three stores and get to know the store manager. spend lots of money cash in big roll...use ones if needed lol then during the week stop in often to shop for yourself chatting with customers and clerks. When business purchasing buy all you can at one time weekly. It takes no time and they will call you in advance of a clearance.

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