Keywebco has been selling on eBay for 10 years as an anchor store with close to 10,000 listings at one time!

You will not find Us on eBay anymore!  Now that said the reasons are many why we closed! But the biggest two I mention below.  Understand that there are still opportunities on eBay just To cash in on those opportunities is almost impossible.  If you find a product “not tied up” you still will have a small percentage chance you will even sell an item through eBay product search.

Please note it is a normal thing for businesses to change

Usually, your purchases on eBay will go smoothly, but occasionally a problem might come up with your order.

eBay's New abusive buyer protections and reporting feature update

We're implementing stronger measures against buyers who don't follow eBay's abusive buyer policy. We're introducing new measures to proactively find abusive buyers, prevent them from filing return requests, and in some cases suspend them. When we find that a buyer violated the policy, we will remove any feedback and defects, including opened cases in service metrics.

We've also made it easier for you to report buyers who violate eBay policies. Now when you report a buyer, you can more clearly describe what the buyer is doing to help us investigate potential policy violations and take actions to protect you.

Reduced search visibility for sellers who use a retailer to ship directly to buyers

Sellers who use retailers or marketplaces to ship directly to buyers are in violation of our dropshipping policy and will be lowered in search results, giving sellers who own their own inventory or drop ship from wholesalers greater search visibility. This is so they can use china themselves and eBays product catalog to "drop ship" for eBay without competition.

We protect you in other ways, too

Additional protections include:

Learn more about the many ways we protect you on eBay.


Seller Protection

When you sell on eBay, you're protected by policies, transaction monitoring, and data systems that make eBay a safe and vibrant community. You can sell with confidence, because our dedicated seller protection team works around the clock to enforce policies and track problems before they start.


Here Is The Reality Of eBay:

1. Search and Platform Changes

eBay was founded to be a community to a community-based platform where everyone that is selling the same item would be ranked in order of their performance but visible to all of the buyers.   This is the only type of business model that will work for a small business is a community to community-based search.  Product catalog search is the way all of the big companies from China or even in the United States get all of the search results and nobody else shows.  I had over a million dollars invested in products that only sell in competition with “China” if a buyer can see the listing.


Before eBay changed from a community-based platform to a product-based platform, I was selling anywhere from 100 to 200 items a day every day.   You can see the day that they flip the switch on my store and turned it into a product catalog instead of a community-based platform.  I was in the car doing a Facebook live video complaining that I only sold 65 items on Friday.   The next day you see me on Facebook live pale as a ghost saying I only had one sale something must be wrong with my eBay store.   The next day you can see me on Facebook live very angry and upset because I realized nothing was wrong with my store something is wrong with eBay.   In a few days, I managed to get a few sales working extremely hard manipulating every keyword I could possibly think of I’ve managed to get my average sales back to a  whopping 10 to 25 sales a day.   Realize some of this is due to my product line, vintage items still do better because they have individual searches with more specific keywords that will cut out your competition.

2.   Seller protection and returns:

Seller protection is basically a joke considering no matter what eBay does they can just file on PayPal. 

Since eBay ordered its business sellers to extend their returns policy from 14 to 30 days last year, sellers complain that return rates have escalated and they are being penalized for complying. Customers who change their mind about a purchase often cite a return as “not as described” rather than “no longer wanted” to avoid incurring postage charges and these count against a seller unless they are successfully appealed.

The theft rate in my store and return rate has increased by almost 700% since this change!   And to be honest I don’t even bother calling customer service anymore.

eBay counters that its penalty fees for return rates of over 2% are “to ensure buyers receive the best shopping experience possible, bringing more buyers and more sales for sellers” and “maliciously filed returns are stripped out of the calculations”. I have yet to see this work. 

Some More Problems With eBay as mentioned online by others:

“Professional scammers often never notify eBay, nor leave feedback because, if they do, sellers can respond via feedback which stays forever to warn other sellers,” he says. “Instead, they make a PayPal claim after 60 days when the sales record for a transaction disappears from the seller’s file and feedback can no longer be left on the buyer’s record.” - online comment

I have read with interest in your cases when eBay was unfair to its sellers, but eBay is a picnic compared to what Etsy sellers have to endure. Many, like me, depend on it for making a living, but we are powerless against its often arbitrary decisions.- online comment

I have great tools I made to help you sell online, even an app for eBay

eBay Fans App   This App is for SEO Keywebco SEO App

I could go on and on discussing this topic pointing out all of the different feelings but it is useless nothing will change and it’s only gotten worse. 

Do you think I do not like eBay?  Wrong I do it just will not work for my business.  There are still ways to earn on eBay but not easy to do.

In conclusion, it is very obvious why I am closing my eBay store.  eBay has raised the prices of everything astronomically high penalized you for following their own policies and procedures.   Yet, on the other hand, you get no results in their search engine and unless you are promoted by eBay invested in by eBay or a huge major company in China paying nothing in seller fees and super cheap shipping and not held to the same seller matrix, sound dishonest? It is!  

It was very hard to survive this change but as a professional, I was able to change my business and adapt.

Our Keywebco Global Store is up and running and doing well.  I can offer so much more to a consumer than any platform can offer. 

Check it out


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